Yeo’s is a Singaporean beverage company that offers a rich & extensive portfolio of top quality, beverage & food products. Infused with a rich Asian heritage, Yeo’s family of soft beverages are produced from traditional recipes that are blended to taste like home-brewed.

Additionally, Yeo’s soy drinks are made with top grade Canadian non-GMO whole soybeans that are soaked and blended using traditional preparation, lactose free and contains no added preservatives, trans fat or cholesterol.

In the later years, the company also widened its food range from chilli sauce, culinary sauce, sesame oil to instant noodles.

Finally, the #1 Asian Drink in Singapore is in the Philippines! Yeo’s partnered with Fortify to increase its brand awareness and customer base through the extensive use of social media.

Fortify helped Yeo’s transformed its social media presence by developing high quality content, social media engagement strategies as well as Facebook and Instagram ads placement that were able to hype the brand and convert followers into loyal customers while telling the brand story.