Xocolat is a cafe best known for its chocolate concoctions, not to mention its signature dishes – from pastries and pastas to full meals that carry a chocolate kiss. From its substantial richness and satisfying bold flavor, it gives excellent chocolate in every cup.

A top local favorite, Xocolat  brings the sweet tooth out of its customers as it offers an alternative run of the mill caffeine fix – its hot chocolate that comes in all its glorious forms and flavors.

With the drastic shift to digital transformation and the trend to create online storefronts in the light of the pandemic, Xocolat realized the need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

With the goal of maximizing the reach of potential customers and generating new leads, Xocolat tapped Fortify to help them boost their visibility on social media through Facebook and Instagram advertising and engage with existing and new customers more effectively through strategic social media management.

As partners, Fortify helped Xocolat become flexible and adaptable to new and relevant opportunities that come into the market, such as introducing new ads and implementing remarketing ads to ensure that the audience is captured in different touch points in the customer journey