Spoofs Limited

Having fun since 1991, The Tshirt Project has produced over a hundred amazingly witty and creative designs printed on shirts, backpacks, tumblers, slippers, among others. It also offers turn-key service from design, materials sourcing, sewing, and printing of t-shirts. Through the years, it has managed to develop a huge institutional client base, servicing the requirements of some of the big companies in the country.

The Tshirt Project has tapped Fortify to drive growth to its business in the digital space. Fortify has assisted the company in their digital transformation efforts including the development of an e-commerce platform, content creation and creation on social media platforms, social media advertising placements, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing.

In this highly competitive and digitally-enabled landscape, Fortify has helped The Tshirt Project in driving engagement, innovation, and business growth for the long-term. Through the said partnership, The Tshirt Project was able to keep and re-engage its existing customers and at the same time delight new and younger audiences to try and experience the brand.