Roast is the home of Manila’s best puto bumbong and bibingka – a casual cafe serving all-day breakfast, comfort food, coffee beverages, and these Christmas favorites all-year long. Roast has satisfied many customers since it opened in 2014 but just like the rest of the quick-service brands, it has seen the need to focus on the opportunities presented by digital transformation and embrace rapid change and innovation to enhance the quality of customer service and experience.

Fortify is helping Roast in establishing its presence on social media by creating and curating relevant content that would keep their customers informed, updated, and served with ultimate convenience in mind. Fortify is also helping the brand run valuable and creative Facebook and Instagram ads, which aim to generate quality leads for its delivery and take-out business – an integral part of a restaurant business operating in the midst of a pandemic when dine-in traffic and event pop-ups are sure to fluctuate.

This enabled Roast in bringing together the convenience of online technology and their physical store to be able to serve their palate-pleasing bibingka and puto bumbong anytime, anywhere and hassle-free to their customers.

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