Enhancing Visibility Via Strategic Search Engine Optimization Following A Website Relaunch

Customer Experience Bpo Company


A leading customer experience / business process outsourcing company

Case Background

In response to the rapid evolution of the digital landscape, the client made the strategic decision to overhaul their website by prioritizing enhanced navigation and a clear showcase of their services. Collaborating with a team of developers and creatives, Fortify successfully relaunched a website meticulously optimized to cater to both search engines and human users.


A holistic approach was adopted to address the various aspects of search engine optimization. This included on-page optimization through the monthly release of articles, off-page optimization through link building on relevant websites, and technical optimization by ensuring page speeds meet industry standards.

These SEO endeavors were further complemented by Google ads to accelerate traffic and enhance lead generation.


  • Average monthly users more than doubled compared to the previous quarters of the same year after the relaunch
  • Recovered lost keywords and ranked for more relevant ones, amassing rankings in approximately 3,000 keywords
  • Delivered over 50 leads

Impact Created


Average monthly users


Keywords ranked in


Delivered leads

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