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By Guio Manalo

Early last month an outage from one of the biggest social media platforms shook the digital world. Facebook and Instagram were down and inaccessible and people were panicking here and there. How long was Facebook down? Some reports said it was around 5-6 hours. As a Facebook and Instagram user, this was quite troublesome especially if these platforms are the main mode of communication you’re used to. As a business owner who relies on ads and content as a livelihood? Nightmare. Probably the company dealing with it (and with a Facebook whistleblower coming forward thereafter) is as stressed as you are.

As an owner, how do you protect and safeguard your business from these surprising and unpredictable outages? There’s a saying that goes “out of sight, out of mind.” And if a customer does not see your ads or content, how will they remember you? In times like these, the ones that stay ahead are businesses that implement search engine optimization strategies in their websites.

When Facebook was down, where did you go to find out about it? Our guess is either from Twitter or Google.  Your customers searching for you most likely did the same. That is why it’s also important not to neglect your website and to monitor your seo campaign. With the right strategy, starting with keyword research, you can improve your search engine rankings which increases the likelihood that your customers will see you. You’d of course want to rank higher in Google search engine results page.

SEO takes time, and if you need help doing it, you can search for  an SEO company or look for freelancers offering SEO consulting services. These SEO service providers usually offer SEO packages that include keyword research, site audit, and backlinks building.

But if you’re still hesitant in outsourcing for your website or WordPress SEO services, worry not as there are still some ways you can do it on your own like looking for SEO plug-ins. If you’re not an expert WordPress developer, these plug-ins may actually help you with your on-page SEO efforts as they simplify and streamline editing important elements such as the title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 to name a few.

Some that you can try are:


One of the popular plug-ins out there, Yoast seamlessly integrates with WordPress and is easy to use, even for beginners. The free plan is quite useful, but if you want to take it further they also have premium offerings.


This is also a popular choice, and for good reason. Beginners may also find this easy to use, and the free version also has great features.

For a more in-depth breakdown, you may check Neil Patel blog.

In one of our previous blogs we discussed that your level of investment in ads or SEO should be aligned with your goals (Google Ads or SEO: What should you prioritize). The same can be said here. But our takeaway is this: to ensure your business stays running, even with unpredictable outages, it’s good to ensure your SEO campaign is running alongside your ads. Whether it be through availing Seo Consulting Services or installing plug-ins and handling it by yourself.

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About the Author

Guio Manalo is a certified digital marketing professional handling SEM and SEO, armed with almost a decade of experience in both brand marketing and brand activations.

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