Why Google Ads is Important to B2B Businesses

By Guio Manalo

Did you know that one of our clients grew their website traffic by 360% in the first month of our Google Ad Campaigns service? Yes, it’s possible! Lead Generation was steady in the first month, it was definitely a good win for our client’s website, since it brought quality traffic to their site. It eventually led to generating new keywords for the site which, as a result, improved organic rankings for their website and this will help make their site more searchable and visible online.

We all know that generating leads from your website is not easy unless you have a robust marketing plan in place. In our experience, B2B campaign objectives are most effective when using Google Ads, since people usually look for reputable companies online by searching them via search engines like Google.

Google is where majority of businesses are found

Google, being the top search engine with 70% market share, would absolutely bring in new leads and clients for your business. In today’s competitive market landscape, majority of digital marketers find success in allotting a good fraction of their Lead Generation campaign budget on Google Search Ad campaigns as compared to other search engine platforms such like Yahoo search and Bing Search Ads.

Google Ads allow you to target specific search engine users

Your main objective with a Google Ad Campaign is to serve and reach people who are actually looking for your products or services. Google ads have a lot of unique and powerful features that can effectively bring in higher traffic to your website which can convert into sales for an ecommerce site or leads for other products and services. Google AdWords let you target specific keywords or related keywords that you want to appear on. It’s an advertising system by Google where advertiser bid on certain keywords that when typed and searched, their clickable ads appear in the results.

Understanding Search Intent

Let’s now dive into your customer’s psyche. Let’s say for example, as a cleaning service owner, your potential customers will most unlikely search for your business on the first try unless you’ve spent heavily on other types of marketing channels like TV, billboards, influencer marketing  recently. Your potential customers will most likely search on Google using keywords like “cleaning service” to find your cleaning service business. This is what we call search intent and it should be highly considered for your Google Ad Campaigns.

Users may do a Google search using different keywords when they search for cleaning services. They can use “cleaning service”, “cleaning service providers”, and more. But those who search for cleaning service may also mean they simply want to look up its meaning. With Google AdWords, whatever the search intention is, your business may still appear on the search results if you bid for the keywords related to your business. By doing so, you can capture potential customers who are looking for your product or service or simply looking for something related to your business. Who knows, they may be part of your new clients list soon!

So if you want to be on top of Google’s search results, Google Ad Campaigns is definitely the best thing for you!

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About the Author

Guio Manalo is a certified digital marketing professional handling SEM and SEO, armed with almost a decade of experience in both brand marketing and brand activations.

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