What High Value and In-demand Services Online Advertising Agencies Provide

By Paolo Tanjuatco

With a lot of businesses still coping from the pandemic entering into 2021, digitalization is still accelerating as businesses need to be relevant to survive. Nowadays, online advertising agencies are in demand to help businesses cope with the speed of digitalization. Here are some high-value services online advertising agencies provide.

Online Presence Audit and Management

It is important for businesses to know how relevant they are in the digital space. Online advertising agencies can help them Audit and manage their online presence. This can be done through the use of different tools to monitor key metrics between you and your competitors to see where your business ranks in your industry. Online advertising agencies can also help you manage your presence online to perform better whether it be through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, E-commerce Sales Optimization, or Digital Ads Lead Generation Campaigns such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube Ads.

E-commerce Sales Optimization

E-commerce has been the bright spot among retail channels during the pandemic. For businesses to cope up with the emergence of E-commerce as a channel, digital online agencies can help them optimize their shops. Techniques such as proper customer targeting, SEO/SEM and Digital Ads Optimization are just some of the different activities that can be done to optimize E-commerce channels.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

Creating brand awareness and building trust among your customers are the 2 most important keys to a successful digital marketing campaign. This is one of the expertise of Online Digital Agencies like Fortify Digital Marketing. Agencies will ensure your relevance online and ensure that your content is aligned to your brand identity and will resonate to your target audiences.

Digital Ads for Lead Generation Campaigns

Time spent online has grown significantly through the years, in 2019 the average time spent online in the US was over 6 hours a day. For businesses to be able to connect to their customers, it is already a must to be present online, and the fastest way to connect with them is through Digital Ads (Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, and the like). Online Advertising Agencies like Fortify Digital Marketing use Digital Ads to generate quality leads for businesses whether it be Business to customer or business to business model. Leads are generated by proper Ad targeting techniques and methods that Online Advertising Agencies practice.

These are just some of the services that agencies provide. Partnering with one should help your business navigate the digital world with more confidence by ensuring the right connection with your customers.

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About the Author

Paolo Tanjuatco is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who has over 17 years of experience. Currently the head of FortifySEO with more than a decade of experience working in brand marketing for industry leading companies in the Philippines and multinationals.

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