The Best Digital Marketing Companies in the Philippines Successfully Adopt Remote Working

By Angeline Bautista

Even before the Covid19 pandemic, a number of digital marketing companies in the Philippines have already been using a work from home arrangement to remain agile and productive. In a tropical country where rains and floods are commonly disrupting transportation, adopting the work from home structure was the viable option for companies. And as such, transition during this pandemic was not difficult, ensuring work quality was not compromised. We at Fortify Digital Marketing is a believer and practitioner of this.

Remaining Agile

When it comes to digital marketing, teams must remain agile, and this includes where they work and how they work. Working remotely allows teams to remain responsive with their projects. It’s imperative to have a plan, but it is equally important to be flexible and adjust based on what is working. This is especially true when it comes to performance marketing where constant monitoring and adjustments are made. Remotely managing Facebook ads is now the norm rather than monitoring from a cubicle with four walls.

Improving Productivity

Digital marketing companies in the Philippines whose employees are working remotely also improves productivity as it eliminates the need to travel to and from the office. This lessens the physical and mental fatigue a person has to go through on a daily basis of commuting. This is especially helpful with clients that are not in the same country. And that is why Fortify has remained versatile and proactive as our remote working status allows us to work flexibly to cater clients to various time zones continuously.


Fortify, one of the digital marketing companies in the Philippines, is equipped for remote work whether catering to local or international clients. Our company had already foreseen that remote outsourcing of digital marketing is the future. Remotely managing your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any other ads is the norm to operate in. From a client perspective, it would also make sense to outsource your digital marketing needs to agencies that are adept and equipped.

In this day and age, remote outsourcing of digital marketing isn’t just a back up, but a prime option.

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About the Author

Angeline is the Head of SEO at FortifySEO. Her non-traditional path has seen her being a Flight Attendant for 4 years before exploring the world of Digital Marketing.

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