Types of Google Ads | Full Guide With Examples

By Guio Manalo

Advertisements have evolved from traditional mediums like magazines, tarpaulins, and flyers to digital advertising through short videos and posts. In this way, businesses are able to build brand awareness and connect with their target customers through different online platforms such as websites and social media channels. Moreover, this article tackles Google Ads which is one of most effective ways to promote your business. 

Google Ads 

Google Ads is a digital marketing strategy that involves various types of ads for businesses to reach their target audience. To further expound on this, it allows an efficient way to ensure your marketing efforts are seen and clicked by potential customers based on factors such as keywords, search behaviors, and interests. 

In addition, Google Ads do not only allow businesses to promote their products and services but also provide performance results through metrics and analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Types of Google Ads

It is significant to understand the different types of Google Ads because everything is connected from building brand awareness towards a long-term relationship with customers. Simple views and clicks can already lead to engagement which is vital in creating brand loyalty. Below are the descriptions of the types of Google Ads.   

Search Ads

Search ads are what you see at the top of Google search results when users type specific keywords. Often, it is seen with the word “Sponsored” above. No need for users to scroll through the results since Search Ads enable businesses to appear instantly at the top when potential customers search for relevant keywords. Hence, this can drive 

Display Ads

Display ads are visual advertisements, such as images and videos, that appear on websites within Google’s Display Network. This can appear on different websites and applications while potential users and customers scroll through the platforms. 

Video Ads

Video ads are what can be seen when using Youtube since these advertisements can appear before, during, and after watching videos. Some ads can be skipped while some cannot since these allow businesses to promote their products and services. 


In conclusion, Google Ads provides various advertising options for businesses to effectively promote their products and services, ensuring that they meet objectives while reaching a broader audience. Furthermore, these different ad formats make goals more attainable. They do not only drive website traffic and increase brand awareness but also enable businesses to monitor their marketing performance effectively and efficiently. All in all, Google Ads is an effective tool for businesses to achieve better digital marketing results.

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Guio Manalo is a certified digital marketing professional handling SEM and SEO, armed with almost a decade of experience in both brand marketing and brand activations.

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