Facebook/IG Ads Tips and Tricks

By Guio Manalo

What Format to Use

The three commonly used types of ads are: single image, carousel, and video. With the wide number of content out there, video is the best format to use, right?  In truth, the best way to find out what works for you is to do experiments. But to put this to the test, we did our own case study.

For this trial, we ran different ad campaigns with different audiences for a clothing product. We used the different Facebook ads formats to test each one out. To keep other factors constant, the same ad materials were used and the same offer for sales/discounts.

For the first campaign, we tested it by targeting 2 different audiences, first targeting website visitors, and second for Facebook visitors. In this run, slideshow/video performed best, followed by a single image, then carousel.

Wanting to dig further, we implemented another campaign this time using only 2 types of ad, carousel and video. Maybe it will perform better if only implemented alongside a video rather than video and image simultaneously. Upon checking the results, video ads still performed better than carousel ads.

But did it really work though?

After implementing only just slideshow/video ads for another month, and with the same products and offers available, sales grew by almost 20%!

We also wanted to test what type of ad would work if it’s in a different industry, so we tested it for a restaurant business as well. On the average (May-August), video ads still performed better than the other two.

The bottomline is, it’s still a good idea to run experiments to know what type of ad works well for your business. But having a video, even a simple one, can be a good starting point.

Now that you’ve decided on the format to use.. Now what?

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Results

With everyone else also in the digital world, now is the best time to do campaign optimization to stand out.

Step 1 • Review and evaluate

As with any campaign, it is always good to evaluate – where you are, how you got there, and what are your objectives and strategies. Look at your data and interpret it and ask yourself questions. Brainstorming sessions with your team or digital agency is a good exercise to do.

In online sales campaigns, for example, what should you truly be after? Is it awareness, or conversion? Are you after quantity or quality of leads? There are so many factors to consider, and that is why there is no clear-cut answer across all. One consistent thing that you will encounter, and should be doing, is testing out strategies. What will generate the most sales? What targeting and campaigns should you implement? Should you keep doing it? What are your competitors doing?

Step 2 • Adjust and implement

Now that you’ve reviewed your digital marketing campaigns, it’s time to adjust and implement based on your learnings. Whether it be you or your digital agency to implement it, you must capitalize on being agile. If your online sales campaigns are not performing, look to adjust your audience or targeting.

Implementing what worked, investing in it, trying new approaches and evaluating it – that’s already part of campaign optimization, a key component in running a successful digital marketing campaign.

On a more technical aspect, the nitty gritty of things involve monitoring your impressions, click thru rate, conversion rate, ad sets, cost per, and checking the speed of your landing page, identifying users or new users, cart abandonments… and the list goes on.

Step 3 • Repeat the process

A factor to the success is the repetition. Once you have identified what works, you have essentially also ruled out what does not work. And that narrows things down for you, so the next time you implement, it will be a quality lead generation campaign.

Digital marketing campaigns and online sales campaigns are not always overnight success. Rather, it’s having an objective, implementing your strategy to reach your objective, and evaluating what works and what doesn’t that brings success.

Is It Worth Getting a Facebook Specialist for My Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads seems pretty straightforward and easy, do I really need to outsource and look for Facebook ad management services? Well, one big advantage of having an agency is that you can focus on running your business.

Attend to business tasks and decisions and meet with your stakeholders, while leaving the bulk of the work to your Facebook ads services agency, like letting them look for new leads, targeting lookalike audiences, and retargeting your previous audiences, and as mentioned above, the process of testing-reviewing-optimizing your ads.

Broad Targeting

Hit the top of the funnel and generate new leads with broad targeting of ads. Grow your base and improve your awareness by doing so!


Let’s implement lookalike targeting to hit new audiences that are similar to your current customers. Let’s generate qualified leads by engaging that middle of the funnel by driving consideration!


Retargeting repeat customers is an effective and cost-efficient way to get conversions. They’ve visited you, they’ve engaged with you, now it’s time to reconnect with them.

Got questions? Let’s talk!

About the Author

Guio Manalo is a certified digital marketing professional handling SEM and SEO, armed with almost a decade of experience in both brand marketing and brand activations.

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