Emerging Strategies in Digital Marketing

By Angeline Bautista

In our ever-changing, fast-paced world with easier access to the internet, marketers need to adapt quickly and be in the space where consumers flock. As consumers’ expectations increase, competition gets tougher. Brands today are starting to explore and invest for good Digital Marketing Strategies.

Here are some Key Emerging Strategies in Digital Marketing that you should consider for your brand:

1. Right Market

Tapping the right market for you is an important factor when planning your next move. A successful strategy will result in a shorter sales cycle, faster turnover, and higher sales and customer base growth. Funnel marketing is one good model to follow to understand the process of converting leads to customers. It’s about looking into each step of the customer’s journey from awareness to purchase. Your digital marketing agency will be able to help you for sure.

Retargeting strategy is one of the most powerful strategies that you must know because it allows you to cluster your audiences for good conversation and eventually results in high conversion rates. Don’t limit your audience and  explore or mix your strategies in time too. Your strategy for social media may be mixed with SEO strategy and many more.

For Online Sales Campaigns, for example, what should you be looking at? Is it awareness, or conversion? Are you after quantity or quality of leads? There are so many factors to consider, and that is why there is no clear-cut answer across all. One consistent thing that you will encounter, and should be doing, is testing out strategies. What will generate the most sales? What targeting and campaigns should you implement? Should you keep doing it or change strategy? What are your competitors doing?

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a vital part of a digital marketing strategy With Covid19 outbreak, it is now where consumers discover and know more about  products and services. The capabilities of a Social Media platform need proper strategizing too- the messenger (some with chatbots in place), posting features, comments and replies, and many others.

A well-planned strategy for social media will be an effective channel to connect with customers, showcase your brand, and/or improve customer service that would eventually result in increased  sales.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Staying on top of the competitive business environment means staying on top of search. This is such a powerful strategy for any company to reach the right customers for your business. Did you know that a good first step to a good funnel marketing strategy is an SEO-friendly content?

SEO increases your website’s visibility, traffic, conversion rate, and return of investment (ROI). Your Retargeting strategy would be not as effective without too. Stay on top and have that advantage from your competitors before they get there!

4. Personalization

Customers today want instant and personalized. Using chatbot for marketing remains cost-efficient. Chatbots are customized to reply with customers’ names too. Everyone wants communication – marketing or direct to be personal and customers- to be like a one-on-one conversation that’s pleasant.

Be Present or Be Left Out

Keep up with this fast-paced digital world now! Don’t forget that the success of your digital marketing strategies always depend on how fast you can keep up with this ever-changing world and how precisely you can execute your retargeting strategy.

If you’re really aiming for increased sales, reach, and customer loyalty, having a robust digital marketing strategy is the key.

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About the Author

Angeline is the Head of SEO at FortifySEO. Her non-traditional path has seen her being a Flight Attendant for 4 years before exploring the world of Digital Marketing.

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